The Inferno Queen (theinfernoqueen) wrote in j_gar_fans,
The Inferno Queen

Elektra Autographed Movie Poster for Sale! ...

have for sale a Elektra Movie Poster. It is theatre size (24X37) and is in perfect condition. It has never been displayed. It is autographed by Jennifer Garner! 

I will sell it for $15 + shipping. I will ship to anywhere in the world! and it will be shipped in a sturdy, protective tube so that it does not get damaged in the mail.

I accept concealed cash in american currency. Comment to this post if you are interested or email me at tonyax16 @

This is what the poster looks like, only the one you will recieve is autographed in black marker by Jennifer Garner. I do not have a picture of the signed poster. I didn't want to risk damaging it to take a picture:


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