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j_gar_fans's Journal

Jennifer Garner Fans
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Welcome to J_gar_Fans community!

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This is a Jennifer Garner Community. Its a fun loving community were we all share our feelings about Jennifer Garner.
So If you dont like her...this isn't the place for you.
PLease join! we love everyone. Come and be happy. Just follow the rules and you'll be FINE.

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1.) Please be nice, and polite to all members.
2.) Accept others thoughts on Jennifer
3.) you must like Jennifer Garner...this is not a Hate community.
4.) You can post pictures of her.
5.) pics behind a LJ cut

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Right now our ONLY mod is hilton_thatshot we need more so please contact me at my AIM name or PM me.

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My AIM name is AllyMaeTennis.

PM me for that little tid bit.

Have lots and lots of fun in here!